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Acknowledge, Accept, & Adapt to Difference
Our vision is to bridge cultural gaps across individuals and teams in diverse, multicultural, and global environments.

We bridge cultural gaps by focusing on the human element of differences. Our coaching, consulting, training, facilitation, keynotes, and team interventions are results-focused, evidence-based, thoughtful, and compassionate. We work with boards of directors, C-suite and executive-level teams, mid-level managers, and frontline employees across every industry and sector.

Our Approach

First, we identify the gaps that are preventing organizations and their teams from working together optimally. Through meaningful interventions, we then bridge differences and change organizational structures that affect diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our focus on communication improves inclusivity, trust, and belonging in ways that ultimately improve organizational culture. We believe this has cascading effects on hiring, retention, and relationships, which allow productivity and creativity to thrive.

Our Services

Our custom solutions will help your organization thrive, no matter your differences.

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    "Lillian is a phenomenal coach with an amazing gift in seeing the potential in talent, then nurturing those talents with wonderful charisma, passion, grit, trustworthiness, dependability, integrity, a strong purpose, and leadership."

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    Facilitation and Training

    “The best diversity class I have ever attended, with real-life lessons and instructions! 30 years I’ve taken classes; none as great as this one!”

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    "You are an amazing communicator, a great story teller, with incredible timing, perception and grace! Thank you for the gift of yourself and please please please continue with your work!"

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    "Lillian Tsai is an excellent and knowledgeable consultant on the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion."

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Bridging difference
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Bridging difference