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TsaiComms provides consulting on a variety of topics related to specific cultures, diversity, equity, inclusion, and cross-cultural competence. Our consulting services are ideal for businesses and nonprofits that want to:

  • Conduct a full DEI or Racial Equity organizational assessment.
  • Jumpstart and/or coach a DEI committee.
  • Provide guidance to leadership teams and C-level executives on how to embed DEI into their business and strategic plans.
What clients are saying about our consulting services

"Lillian Tsai is an excellent and knowledgeable consultant on the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Lillian came alongside Vetsource at the beginning of our DEI journey, helping the leadership team to understand DEI and laying a solid foundation for continuing efforts in the company. Lillian has been instrumental in educating us on the importance that DEI be not just an event, and not a goal or a destination, but rather a journey to be embarked upon and continued, constantly improving, constantly growing."

Kurt Green
CEO, Vetsource

"I wanted to personally express my gratitude for the training and guidance you have provided me and our group. Your steady and guiding hands have increased our knowledge base around these issues. You have started us on a good path and the group has strong commitment to improving DEI at ODA. I have no illusions about the breadth and depth of knowledge this work requires. Thanks for lending your expertise to ensure we started on this journey in the best way possible."

DEI Committee Member
State of Oregon Department of Agriculture

Bridging difference
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