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Our Partners

It takes a village to design and implement DEI facilitator training, strategies and programs, and we couldn’t do it without trusted colleagues and associates. Our DEI trainers and consultants span multiple cultures, identities and skillsets to bring a wealth of deep and broad experience to projects for our clients.

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  • This is a photo of a DEI trainer.
    Alisa Blum

    Principal Consultant
    Alisa Blum & Associates
  • This is a photo of a DEI trainer.
    Thomas Bruner

    Bruner Strategies
  • This is a photo of a DEI trainer.
    Trudy Flores

    Senior Data Analyst and Writer
  • This is a photo of a DEI trainer.
    Natalie Matias

    Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant
  • This is a photo of a DEI trainer.
    Jeremy Solomons

    President, JSA Consulting & Jeremy Solomons & Associates, Inc.
  • isaacdixon.pdf
    Isaac Dixon

    Human Resources Consultant
  • img_1280.jpeg
    Dara Snyder

    Social justice, community engagement, cultural & institutional change

What clients are saying about our DEI trainers

“Lillian is our go-to DEI resource for one-on-one executive coaching, organizational culture assessments, and group facilitation of our Equity Action Team, and learning and development needs. As we expanded our learning and began to progress on our DEIA journey, Lillian provided targeted, personalized services with prompt responses and attention to detail.”

Patty Wood
CEO, Education Northwest

Bridging differences
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