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Juanita Range

Range Mediation & Consulting

Juanita Range is a consultant, warmly referred to by some clients as “The Resolutionist.” Her work helps manage and or transform issues caused by human complexity and systemic barriers that interfere with workplace efficiency and social synergy. She helps clients work through constructive discomfort to align their intention with the impact they create.

Juanita’s work digs into the layers of communication, including the consistent presence of power within interpersonal engagements. She uses theory, constructive tension, compassion, lived experience, and stories as tools to increase awareness of the intersection between human and organizational need. She specializes in areas of communication, conflict, power, diversity, and equity. Her framework is three-pronged: “No Shame,” “Kind Candor," and the “Replacement of Judgment with Inquiry,” each promotes space for positive refocusing which helps clients engage more productively with dissent and conflict. Overall, her work supports professionals to more skillfully navigate communication engagements, conflict, workplace relationships, and productivity.

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