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Trudy Flores

Senior Data Analyst and Writer

Building on a life-long passion for fairness and equity, Trudy Flores brings to the team her professional and practical experiences as an editorial fellow; a first-generation college graduate (graduate and undergraduate work in social history focused on race, gender, and migration); over 11 years as a legal secretary (environmental, water, land use, and family law); 3 years as a DEI project manager; and over 10 years in customer service. She has managed, supported or done research and analysis on projects for businesses, nonprofits, and state and local agencies, large and small, in areas ranging from Superfund and energy law to healthcare, from academia to rural resource districts, and from juvenile and community justice to parks and recreation. She identifies as a family caregiver, head of a bicultural household, parent of gender-queer children, community support person for foster youth, and a life-long learner. Ms. Flores has been working with TsaiComms for three years.

This is a photo of a DEI trainer.