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Dara Snyder

Social justice, community engagement, cultural & institutional change

Dara has been working for social justice in different capacities for over fifteen years. Her practice has spanned the country and the globe: she has been living and working for social transformation along the eastern seaboard as well as internationally in Guatemala and India. Dara earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Temple University, and has worked in direct service, community organizing and policy advocacy, as well as directing multiple crisis alleviation services.

Since moving to Portland in 2013, her practice has been squarely focused on community-level practice with groups and organizations with a grounding in Popular Education, Motivational Interviewing techniques, Transformative Facilitation models, and anti-oppressive service delivery. In Portland, Dara has spearheaded several initiatives centering IBPOC including co-founding a radical support and healing group for IBPOC womxn and femmes+. Her passion is facilitating intersectional movement-building with a focus on cultural and institutional change through policy advocacy, community engagement and education.