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Natalie Matias
Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant

Natalie is a Global Mindfulness Consultant and Facilitator and spreads mindfulness and meditation to promote sustainable work and life culture. Her clients include FENDI, TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Willis Towers Watson, Rakuten, Verizon Media, and more. An advocate for wellness and positive workplace cultures, Natalie uses her broad skill-sets to successfully coach, and develop CEOs, management teams, and employees. Natalie's work is informed and supported by research and training in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Co-active Coaching, the original teachings of Buddha, Mindfulness without Borders, Mediation, Anti-Racism, and Oppression and Trauma work. She is dedicated to community and relationship building and extends her meditation and mindfulness classes outside of the workplace through workshops, classes, and camps in studios, schools, and online programs.

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